I’ve known John for twenty years through the community council and as a key member of the Anchorage Chamber’s Business Committee when I served as President of the organization. His small business success story represents what Anchorage needs on the assembly during tight fiscal times; an understanding of community needs, experience with tight budgets and a clear vision for a strong local economy.
— Andrew Halcro - Executive Director, Anchorage Community Development Authority, former State legislator and Former President of the Anchorage Chamber of Commerce

I worked with John on an energy efficiency project at his warehouse. He chose economically sensible changes spread out as money was available. The payback on his work was just a matter of a few years. In 2013 he won the Renewable Energy Alaska Project award for the greatest decrease in electricity use. John has also taken the time to talk to other businesses to share his experience. He will be a great addition to the Assembly.
— Andy Baker - Owner, Your Clean Energy
John has done great work for businesses in Spenard. He has organized area-wide promotions, co-founded the Spenard Chamber of Commerce and has worked for over 15 years towards a rebuild of the road that benefits all users and businesses. Business owners should support John for the Assembly.
— Barbara Smart - Owner, Alaska Leather and President, Spenard Chamber of Commerce

When the art group Light Brigade desperately needed donated warehouse space to fabricate a large scale project John generously handed over the key to his recently acquired property (now the site of BOSCO’S) and said, ‘have at it.’ This is but one of many acts of generosity and community-building I have seen John perform during the time I’ve known him. Having served with John on the board of the Spenard Chamber of Commerce for the past couple of years I can say that his dedication to this district is unsurpassed.
— Bruce Farnsworth - Founding Member, Light Brigade

I worked for John off and on throughout the 1990’s, he was my first employer when I came to Anchorage. He is still a dear friend and I have always appreciated his diverse work on behalf of our community.
— Berta Gardner - Alaska State Senator
I’ve always found time spent talking to John to be time well spent. That’s why I invited him to join the Spenard Road Task Force. When the discussions got difficult, John was like the calm eye in the middle of the storm.
— Ernie Hall - Anchorage Assembly

Chris & Cindy Hamre - Owner, Denali General Contractors; Chair of the Hillside's Home & Landowners Organization

Dick Traini - Chair, Anchorage Assembly

Eric McCallum & Robin Smith - Owner Arctic Wire and Rope; Parks & Rec Commission

Hilde Cain - Architect

Janice & Steve Tower - Orthopedic Surgeon, Founder of Singletrack Advocates, Bicycle Activist & Commuter

Carole Gore - President/CEO, Cook Inlet Housing

During my tenure at the FCC, when John was a leader of his Community Council as well as a Board Member of the FCC, we were able to work very closely with various municipal departments on major issues like land use planning and Anchorage 2020. These overarching issues are not ‘sexy’ in that their review and implementation take years of behind the scenes effort, but their importance to everyday aspects of life in Anchorage is tremendous. Knowledge and past involvement in these processes are essential for an Assembly member to effectively represent their constituents in such a large and diverse municipality.
— David Paperman - Former Operations Manager Community Councils Center

John Reese - Chair, Hillside District Plan Citizens Committee; Retired Judge, Pioneer of Anchorage's Greenbelt w/ Lanie Fleischer

Katie Nolan - Hillside Home & Landowners Organization; HOCC board

Scott & Yvonne Goldsmith - Professor of Economics UAA and ISER, retired

Mimi Hogan - Biologist USFW, retired

P.J. Hill - UAA Economist; Organizer, Tour of Anchorage Ski Race

Wayne & Dottie Westberg -  Owner, M-W Drilling; Former Chair, Hillside’s Home And Landowners Organization; Committee Member, Hillside District Plan Citizens Advisory

John, I’m excited to learn you running for the Assembly... your experience in South Anchorage have been a huge part of the fabric of our community for many years... we will be fortunate to have you bring your knowledge of South Anchorage to the Assembly. Thanks for being willing to take on this challenge.
— Hezekiah 'Ky' Holland - Partner, Alyeska Venture Management
As a father, as a community leader, and as a businessman, John is one of the most proactive people I know. He consistently makes things happen in ways that show good sense. We’d be lucky to have him on the Assembly.
— Pat Abney - Former South Anchorage Assembly member
I worked with John on the HALO Board for many years and he is exceptional: exceptionally bright and verrrry witty; exceptionally honest, fair and informed; exceptionally active and dedicated.
— Sharon Clawson - Hillside’s Home and Landowners Organization Board

John has been an active member of the Chamber’s business committee since its creation. His extensive knowledge of city code and how the city is run has been valuable in our work. He’ll be a great addition to the Assembly.
— Susan Jensen, Board of Directors, Anchorage Chamber of Commerce; Co-chair, Anchorage Business Committee

I have known and worked with John Weddleton on Hillside affairs since October of 2006 when we met at the initial meeting of the Citizen’s Advisory Committee of the Hillside District Plan. We worked together on that 3 year endeavor and since then as members of the HALO board addressing all Hillside issues and developments. My experience with John can be very simply stated— he is “ALWAYS” the most well prepared and knowledgeable individual on Hillside issues. I have learned a lot from him and greatly appreciate his calm factual statements and detailed inputs in the many public meetings we have participated in. He is by far the most qualified candidate for the South Anchorage assembly seat and will represent our interests the best.
— Wayne Westberg - Owner, M-W Drilling